Hey 👋

I’m Fabian, 19 y/o student and full-stack web developer from Germany.

I love working with all sorts of technologies to create full-stack web applications 🧑‍💻

I particularly like working with React and Next.js on the front end and Python, Go or JavaScript/Node.js on the back end.

Since 2021, I’ve been working as a full-stack developer at a company creating e-commerce solutions for WordPress 🛒

Through my work experience with WordPress, I’ve learned that modern WordPress and PHP development can be very versatile and can provide an amazing user experience (if done right) 🔥

I learned a lot about building WordPress plugins to realize complex web projects while making use of things like the Gutenberg Editor (powered by React) and Settings APIs to achieve a high degree of customization for users 🖥️ 🎨

While completely rebuilding my website, I started a blog to sporadically and casually share some of the projects I’m working on and to create a “glossary” of solutions for issues I came across on my coding journey 📝

Feel free to check out some of my recent posts: